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We know that we have a lot more to know.

That pretty much sums up our mentors’ advice this week. So we’re back to interviews and ethnographic studies to help us better identify user needs in order to pass/fail our hypotheses before we can move into user validation.




An instructive lesson for our project from Groupon CEO Andrew Mason who sums up his entrepreneurual experience building a global $15 billion company:

We started out building a site that was designed literally to solve the unsolvable problems of the world, and now we’re hawking coupons.

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Our first foray into customer surveys provided fascinating insights into their use/non-use of news commenting systems, universally poor experience, desire to share news and product discovery opportunities.

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The Lean Launchpad philosophy is predicated on an iterative process of customer development and validation. In Four Steps to the Epiphany, author and e245 teaching team member Steve Blank fervently evangelizes this process of field learning, discovery and pattern detection.

The Team experienced its first mini-epiphany this week during a second round of customer interviews on one of the web’s most contentious issues — online anonymity.

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