Last week I had the following dilemma: how much should I know about a customer before I give them a product to play with? I erred on the side of playing it safe and trying to figure out too much about our customers without building enough.

I think I see the light now. We all need to have a single vision. We need to work toward this vision as though it is correct. In the meantime, we need to keep testing our vision on the users. We need to have the agility to change our vision as we see better opportunities. The problem with new ideas is that you can’t just ask users what they want, you have to envision what they will want and see if they actually care about it.

So, this week has kept me busy with our current vision. Attached is a summary of the progress that has been made.

Most of these features won’t be present on Monday morning’s beta release but they will be gradually rolled out throughout next week. We believe multiple discussions about an article and real identities are the important features, so they will definitely be included  in this release.

The event logging system I have built combined with Google Analytics will allow us to determine what features our users are interested in. Tests on virality and user attention will be crucial. This is the next goal.