Welcome to 2011, it’s a Read-Write-Execute world.

Gone are the days of unidirectional reporting and detached, view-from-nowhere analysis of current events. The audience now demands the capacity to remix, share and creatively adapt content as partners in the newsreporting process. A first step in this cultural shift is drastically improving online commenting systems for a more satisfying and productive experience.

With that charge in mind, the Voci.us Team is supplementing our customer interviews with data gleaned from research, public discussions and case examples within the intersection of communication theory, social networking and online user experience.

Pew Project on Excellence in JournalismState of the Media 2010

Various“Viral Expansion Loops”

Gaping VoidSocial objects for beginners

WikipediaKnowledge Markets

FtrainThe web is a customer service medium

Next Level of NewsYou’re an owner of a local site in search of advertising solutions

eConsultancy35 social media KPIs to help measure engagement

Institute for the FutureEngagement Economy

QuoraWhat are the most effective ways to engage news audiences?

QuoraHow do you build a community of users that give high quality comments on a website?

QuoraDo you carefully consider how your comments can be interpreted in social media?

QuoraWhat are the most innovative ways of handling comments on the web?

QuoraAre threaded comments a difficult engineering challenge or more of a user experience concern?

QuoraWhat is lacking in social networks now?

Case examples and potential competitorsQuora, MetaFilter, Formspring, LikeMe, Digg, Reddit

Know of other discussion or analysis in this realm? Drop us a note below.